Winick Fine Jewelry Art Show

Manny Winick and Son is celebrating 70 years in the jewelry business.

Continuing their commitment to promoting local art and creating an awareness of the many different artists that live and find inspiration on the tip of Long Island, and to kick off the 70th anniversary festivities, Winick’s will once again host the work of a local artist. Photographer Richard Silver will be exhibiting his work as part of the store’s ongoing series celebrating – ‘snow in a variety of frozen alpine and polar landscapes’.

Recently, on a trip to Greenland, Silver discovered awe-inspiring nature and vast and varied frozen landscapes. Join us on December 9th, when Silver will be bringing his stunning works to the store to share with all of us.

Photographer and outdoor enthusiast Richard Silver is particularly drawn to the frozen world, having logged many days over many years gliding down mountains on skis or photographing ice and snow in a variety of alpine and polar environments. Most recently, Richard traveled to Greenland, the world’s largest island, 80% of which is covered in ice. Here, he witnessed the awesome beauty of a colossal, ice-filled fjord and bay, both fed from the world’s fastest-moving glacier. The dramatic vantage points overlooking the fjord provided opportunities to view and photographic an enormously vast, frozen and unique landscape. Among the highlights was the sight of apartment building sized icebergs floating by, at times with remarkable speed. In the bay, boat travel enabled water level views of the icebergs in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors, the latter varying depending on time of day and weather conditions. In this exhibition, Richard tries to convey the awe he experienced among some of the most stunning and humbling examples of nature’s artwork.

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