Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: July 2024

Left: Audrey's Big Bass; Right: Alan's look says it all!

So far the 2024 season has been action packed! Fluke fishing has been steady, granted lots of shorts going back over the rails because of the 19 inch length regulation in New York, but no shortage of bites from 17″ to 18-1/2″ inch fish! Early in the season the ebb tide (outgoing) has provided better action. As the season progresses and the water temperature continues to warm, both tides will produce fish as long as the wind direction is correct for each tide. The Rips were holding lots of smaller fish, some bigger fish were found at Rocky hill, Cartwright, Outer Frisby.

Rolando’s Big Bass

Black Sea Bass season opened June 23rd and the bite is very good, but getting the 16-1/2 inch size limit is quite a chore. Once again the powers who be missed the mark. Same goes for the Striped Bass. We are doing more damage with the Black Sea Bass size limit and the Striped Bass slot limit. For example we caught 7 Striped Bass between 31 and 35 inches one day and 3 of those fish were caught and released previously. The better slot limit for the well-being of the species for charter boats would be 31-35 inches and eliminate the captain and mate from the count. This would greatly reduce injury to the Striped Bass and anglers would go home with one fish each to eat. Allowing time to target other species during the trip.

Girl Power

Tunas showed up early and close! Loads of bait both sand eels and mackerel a mere 12-14 miles south of the point brought them in. Whales, porpoise, shearwaters all in on the action. You got to go early, because usually by 8 o’clock in the morning the bite is over. Trolling spreader bars and rigged ballyhoo is getting the bites. Lots of school Bluefins and also some of their big brothers are mixed in too!! All in all a very exciting early Tuna bite!!

Mako Sharks are still shut down, but due to all the bait and tunas numerous Makos, Threshers, Hammerheads, and even juvenile White Sharks have been seen and caught. Soon the warm water eddies spinning off of the Gulfstream will start coming and then the offshore bite will be full on! The weather is even trying to cooperate finally!!

Good Luck and be Safe everyone!

           ~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip