“Paddle Out” Honors Nick Crumm

by Sue Giustino

The Montauk Community honors the life of one of their beloved member, Nick Vernon Crumm. A lifelong surfer who also enjoyed ski­ing, ice hockey, and pickleball, Nick died of Alzheimer’s disease on June 12th.

On Friday evening, June 21st, the family held a paddle-out at Ditch Plains which was attended by over 300 people. Family, friends, surfers, pickle-ballers, and acquaintances gathered to remember Nick and support his family. A group of paddlers headed off shore, making a large ring, linking hands, sharing memories, and being the tight supportive group they are. On shore, on-lookers observed the touching scene while also sharing fond memories of their time with Nick.

Nick was born in Fairfield, Connecticut on August 14, 1951, to Charles Crumm and Anne Temple. He grew up in Connecticut and on Martha’s Vineyard. In his 20’s he was a professional ballet dancer, performing with the Colorado Ballet, the Kansas City Ballet, and· the Chicago Ballet. Later, he returned to college earning a BA from NYU, and eventually working as a contractor, mostly in NYC. In 1990, Nick married Janelle Williams.

“He was a very passionate person, he did lots of things, and he did them all really well, especially if something was physical,” said Janelle.

Nick began coming to Montauk about 30 years ago. He and Janelle, bought a house here in Montauk in 2001; splitting their time between Montauk and Westchester County. They moved to Montauk full time about four years ago, after Nick became ill. “He loved the Montauk surf com­munity,” his wife Janelle said. “That was a big part of his life. He rushed out here every weekend.” Saying also that he passed his love of surfing on to his son and daughter. Adding, “We were a tight crew, he had a fierce love for his family.”

Nick Crumm is survived by his wife Janelle, his children Sam Crumm of Montauk, Olivia Crumm of New Haven Connecticut, and grandson Charlie Crumm. He is additionally survived by his two brothers Chad and Peter Crumm and sister Nina Davis. Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so to the Alzheimer’s Association online at act.alz.org