Paul Snyder’s Inshore Journal: September 2022

Left: Me on the bow. Right: Anthony cleaning fish along Gin Beach.

As I drove around town taking care of work, I wondered if the weather would hold out for an afternoon trip on the Ebb Tide II. It was Tuesday August 23rd and the deadline for this column was the next day. I stood on the bow of the 70 foot Gillikin party boat a few minutes before departure getting caught up with my friend Gator who was standing on Salivars Dock. I wondered out loud if the weather would hold out. I hadn’t looked at FishWeather since earlier in the morning. It’s a wind app on my phone designed for fishing. There were clouds everywhere. Some were dark. There were also openings in the clouds with blue skies. For this trip the weather would be the focus.

Within an hour of leaving the dock the rain began. I caught a keeper Black Sea Bass on my spinning tackle using 8 ounces of weight after starting the trip with 10 ounces on my conventional tackle. This was before the squalls started. Squalls are sudden sharp increases in wind associated with rain showers and thunderstorms. There were sudden temperature drops too. I found myself laughing out loud as I fished through it all. The absurdity of it was very entertaining. Anthony said fishing had been good on the morning trip with no rain.

By the end of the trip, the Sun was out as Anthony cleaned fish while we cruised along Gin Beach which got its name as a drop off point during Prohibition. The trip had it all weather wise. As I left the dock to go home I said to Anthony, “I’ll be thinking about this trip forever”