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Keep A Discriminating Eye on Everything You Eat and Drink…

Here we go again… it’s that time of year when all the winter-absent restauranteu1•s have returned, only to bring the wider variety of cuisines preparing the best of what Montauk has to offer. I happened to drop in at the opening of Zum Schneider this May only to be roped in during a weak moment and nagging craving for their “home style” authentic German “Pork Shank”. Although Guilt-rid­ den, many must know what I’m talking about. Mouthwatering, succulent and cooked to perfection. I was actually only looking for a high enzyme German import beer in an effort to stay on track with my diet. Sometimes you just have to satisfy those cravings so it doesn’t lead to other poor choices in nutrition. Just chew well and balance out over the following few days when you stray.

So here I am traveling throughout Europe before the Montauk summer cmsh of the anticipated season ahead. After this long brutal winter and a full renovation of the guest rooms at the Oceanside Beach Resort, I decided it was worth the break to recharge my batteries. (yes, we are now fully air conditioned, with a thank you to Prado Brothers). However, traveling can be quite difficult when trying to adhere to a healthy lifestyle so here are some guidelines that all can follow when venturing out from our comfort zone, whether on a cntise, the air­ port, on the road.

1- Don’t overeat. Easy to say but difficult to do. Eating a bit more frequently during the day takes the edge off with those volume cravings.

2 -Watch out for too much oil in the foods easy to grab such as fried, deep fried and the stuff that glistens to whet the appetite.

3 – Don’t eat late at night… this is usually one of the biggest culprits toward weight gain and tired mornings. The night time deadline for eating should not exceed 8pm.

4 – Be as active as you can. You need move­ment and good activity.   Do the walking not the tramway. Never miss the opportunity to be active.

5- When eating breakfast, try to go for the oat­ meals that provide a good source of fiber when travelling. Add some nuts, seeds, fruit or a bit of cinnamon that can make for a tasty breakfast.

6 – Bring along your personal bags. Twig or Bancha is recommended. Try to stay away from those perfume tainted specialty herbal teas. Twig is a more contracting tea with extremely low traces of caffeine. If you forget the tea bags, squeeze some lemon wedges into some hot water.

7 – Try some whole-wheat or Buckwheat pan­ cakes that have now become more widely available. Avoid the artificial syrup. Nothing real about this syntp except its marketing. Try some real honey or brown rice syrup to dip in.

8 – Travelling across the country by whatever means, its nice to bring along a wide mouthed thermos that can hold soups, beverages and even foods in separate compartment top complete with spoon.

9 -At lunch time. Almost every food establishment now carries veggie burgers, bean burgers along with a wide variety of salads and whole grain pastas.