MONTAUK CIRCLE BURGER…If you think they’re just burgers, you’re mistaken!

On the Circle in Montauk

by Sue Giustino

Montauk Circle Burger has expanded its menu and is even offering summer specials. Right on the circle in the center of town, you can eat in the open dining room, sit at the bar, or enjoy a meal out front. Either way, the food and drinks will not disappoint.

With Rory or Frank at the bar, you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy with your meal. The Margarita, Pine Hampton and the Watermelon Fresca signature cocktails are an excellent choice on a warm summer day. Soaking for days in vodka, the pineapple chunks are saturated and the vodka takes on a light refreshing taste of the pineapple- Pine Hampton is potent and delicious. Grilled watermelon pureed with fresh squeezed lime and mixed with either vodka or tequila, the Watermelon Fresca is also quite a treat.  Together with these and other cocktails, the complete bar menu offerings include beer, hard seltzers, and an array of wines.

Along with Manhattan, New England, and Sweet Potato Clam Chowders, and a long list of salads, there is a nice gathering of appetizers to choose from. We decided on the Coconut Fried Shrimp, MCB Asparagus ‘Fries’ and the Fried Calamari.  The asparagus fries are lightly dipped with an egg batter, panko and parmesan, then quickly fried resulting in a delicate al dente spear with a light crunch served with a French Remoulade. Sweet, crispy and tender, the coconut Shrimp served with Sweet chili Sauce and Cucumber Salad was equally delicious. From the Summer Specials, the Fried Calamari were also crisp and tender served with a side salad blend of fresh vegetables.

Besides the specialty burgers- including the choice of BYOB [Build your own burger]-  there are a number of other chicken, beef, vegan and fish sandwich options, soft fish tacos, Bowls, and the salads to which you can add a protein to make it a meal. We decided on a bit of a variety.

The special of the night was the Carol’s Lobster Roll and after consulting with our waiter Frank, we ordered one. Tender lobster meat in a light lemon dressing on a buttered brioche roll made for a fresh and delicious meal.

With a choice of seared or fried chicken breast, the Feta Chicken Sandwich is topped with Mediterranean feta salad and a side of the classic fries. We substituted for the Parmesan Truffle Fries which complimented the tender and flavorful chicken-feta combination. The MCB Signature Burger is an 8oz Angus Beef burger with provolone, mozzarella, sundried tomato and basil pesto, olives, arugula and balsamic glaze. Cooked to order and served with their classic shoestring French fries, it was another great meal.  Finally, the ‘Impossible’ Bowl layered with diced Sushi Tuna, Wakame, radish, edamame, carrot, cucumber, avocado, red cabbage, cilantro and mint is a delightful and healthy choice.

We really enjoyed our entire meal, dining with a view of town, and a bit of people watching through the front windows. Chef Carol and Claudio make a great team, stop by and try it for yourself. Open Wednesday through Monday starting at noon.  Located on the circle: 99 Carl Fisher Plaza, Montauk, NY 11954.