Brain Waves with Debra Rose

The Time Is Always Now

Frequent encounters with danger are a part of life…making you inwardly strong…instilling in you a profound awareness of life…bringing new meaning and richness – I Ching no. 29

We typically greet the magical month of August with joyous expectation and excitement.  We anticipate the sunniest beach days, al fresco dining, lingering sunsets and free time before going back to school or work after an extended summer break.

This August is anything but typical.

Without knowing what awaits us this fall, we cannot waste one moment to freely dine outside, safely enjoy the beach and water, or to be with friends and family outdoors to connect and be social.  We are glaringly reminded not to take our summer, the time we earn all year, for granted.  Tapping into nostalgia of what summer used to be is the current favorite pastime, so make the most of what the summer is now, in this present moment.  The summer we have, not the summer we wish it could be.

The absence of clarity about what will follow this season is akin to treading water.  We are seemingly restricted from making any real plan with the future in flux.  Ironically this has always been the case.  Anxiety about ambiguity and predicting what will happen next is not a new phenomenon, it is just more conscious to all of us.  Even if we made plans in the past we never had a guarantee that those plans would come to fruition.  We are just all collectively aware that we are not in control, and events are not always going to unfold the way we like.

So make the most of time that is that much more precious, being surgical about whom to see, where to go, how to spend meals, time outdoors, and choice of recreation. Maybe it’s the chance to build new habits to carry into the next season, or to adapt to new ways of doing day-to-day tasks.  All we can do is keep moving forward and be mindful of the positive aspects in our lives right now.   Of what we can still control, we are fortunate to have as much abundance as we do.  Have fun now and make the most out of everyday, all year long.