Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: June 2022

The day I’m writing this is day #7 of NE wind. Looks we’re going to go from winter right into summer! LOL. Between the rain and wind it’s hard to get any painting done on the boats, or anything else, because it’s just been raw out. Water temperature still hanging around 49 degrees, but despite that, there’s been Striped Bass action along the beaches on the south side. Granted a lot of shorts, with some keepers showing up as well. There’s plenty of Striped Bass of good size back west being taken, and that’s a good sign. It won’t be long now!

I hate to be redundant, but enforcement has been out in full force. Regulations are important to ensure the future of fish species. It’s important to know these regulations so you don’t ruin a great day and lose your supper!

Fluke season opened May 1st and will run through October 9th. The new size limit this season is 18.5 inches, bag limit is still at 4 per angler. There was plenty of 18.5 and 18.75 inch fish released last season, so that’s great news! Striped Bass season opened April 15th and runs through December 15th. Slot size is 28 inches to 35 inches. Bag limit is 1 per angler. No changes. Black Sea Bass size is now 16 inches. The season opens June 23rd and runs through August 31st. Bag limit during that time is 3 per angler. Then on September 1st through December 31st the bag limit goes to 7 per angler. Scup (Porgy) are still at 9 inches. 30 per angler. September 1st through October 31st on licensed charter/party boats the limit is 50 per angler.

Offshore: No Mako shark are to be taken for the next 2 years. This is a Federal regulation!
It’s very important that you check your Flare dates, condition of your life vests and make sure you have enough for each angler on board. Should have an operating radio on board as well. Re-Check all bilge pump wiring and make sure they’re operating. Running lights must all work.

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip