The Montauk Food Pantry gets support from SAM JOYCE for Thanksgiving Distribution

As the Montauk Food Pantry prepares for its Thanksgiving distribution, Sam Joyce owner of Sammy’s Restaurant and Sammy’s Food Truck, is supporting the cause by collecting donations in order to provide roasted chickens for our recipients.

Sam has a large jug on the counter of his restaurant and food truck that contains money that his customers have donated for the project thus far. $10 will cover the cost of purchasing and preparing a roasted chicken for one family.

Sam has committed to providing at least 300 roasted chickens that he will cook to perfection. They will be distributed at the Montauk Food Pantry on November 24th.

Folks wishing to contribute can visit Sam at his food wagon or mail a check to:
Montauk Food Pantry • PO Box 997 • Montauk, NY 11954