“Thank you” to Chief Joe Lenahan

For the last three years, I have had the unique pleasure of working alongside my Chief and Friend Joe Lenahan.  Joe’s pride in the MFD was evident from the start, when he brilliantly orchestrated the 75th Anniversary Lighthouse Apparatus photo, which has become a symbol of the greatness of the Department. From 75th Anniversary Celebrations to funerals, Pancake Breakfasts to Big Bucks, house numbers to smoke alarms, Boy Scout Dinners to Senior Dinners, the Chief has always been there with passion and enthusiasm. He has been the director, and I the cameraman for so many of Montauk’s most historic moments. For Joe, the MFD is Montauk, his beloved home.

I would like to take a moment to tell the Chief how much I have appreciated his faith, respect and trust that I was the right one to document, and share with the East End Community, the history of such an outstanding organization as the Montauk Fire Department.

Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to work with a real gentleman, and my Friend, MFD Public Information Officer Ed Ecker. Nobody loves the MFD more than he does.

Thanks, Joe.

–Honorary Chief and Official MFD Photographer Richard Lewin