Surfing Montauk with Debra Rose

Photo by Tony Caramanico

Something About the Sea

Debra Rose

Montauk’s Tony Caramanico has not only made maintaining a journal cool, he has transformed his record keeping into art. Diligently and consistently documenting his life as a surfer, decades of events are shared through collages on various mediums. Best known for his fiberglass boards, canvases and prints, Tony credits Peter Beard as a mentor and inspiration for visually capturing a snapshot of time in the life of a surfer.

This year Summum Gallery in St. Jean is hosting Tony’s work beginning with the opening in December 2023 through the end of April 2024. Much of Tony’s popularity as an artist and a person has been through the relationships he’s cultivated over the years teaching others how to surf and sharing his passion and experience with the sport. Always a positive and skilled force in the water, Tony’s upbeat demeanor is infectious and it is evident in his success.

Now that surfing has exploded around the planet and information is readily accessible online, Tony’s work is a glimpse into the past before surf cams, predicting swells accurately or knowing every surf break were common or even possible. To take in these pieces of art is to discover delightful treasures of the surf history.

Time spent in the ocean inevitably connects surfers to the health of the sea, and Tony is no exception. Noticing the evolution of best-kept secret surf spots turned tourist-meccas, the water and beaches are no longer untouched. Exposure to the increasing amount of plastic, styrofoam and general rubbish polluting surf breaks and beaches around the earth continues to raise awareness to protect the sea. For Tony he supports foundations like Surfrider, placing an emphasis on protecting the environment. Check out Tony’s work when you can for a colorful journey into the progression and joy of surfing.