Surfing Montauk with Debra Rose

On-Season Surfing

Some think of summer on the East End as the off-season, gearing up for the fall swell and travel domestically and abroad in search of waves. Now that travel and surf travel are more extreme than ever, where will you go this winter?

Where you explore can depend on your goals. Are you looking to improve your timing through repetition and consistent waves in places like Nosara, Costa Rica, or Cape St. Francis, South Africa, the spectacular break made famous in Endless Summer? Where you find waves will also depend on the time of year, even specific month to attempt to avoid crowds, storms, and poor conditions. Are you in search of a point-break, lefts, or rights to improve your front or back side, reef breaks or beach breaks to find surfing at home easier? After surfing rights in Chile all winter, one local thought Hurricane swells here were manageable. “After paddling for your life in South America, Hurricane Bill doesn’t seem like such a big deal,” according to End Ender MB.

This fall the Canary Islands, specifically Fuerteventura and Tenerife will have swell but require a 3/2, as will breaks along the coast of Morocco and Portugal. Surf in Hawaii and Puerto Rico will usually offer consistency in the winter, as will Nicaragua and Panama. If you have the time and desire to travel further to something not as common for Americans, The Portuguese archipelago known as The Azores offers consistent offshore conditions and advanced surf for those who want to come back to the East End feeling stronger and a more skilled surfer. Siargao Island in the Philippines is truly a far-flung destination, described as magical by many for the world-class waves and range of level for surfers to enjoy sessions with consistency, warm water, and sunshine. Indonesia is always an option in the winter for more intermediate surfers, specifically Sumbawa which is more remote than the standard Bali and Lombok surf trips. While its uncrowded now, this spot can confidently guarantee barrels.

For something novel in the late winter and early spring, Ireland and Brittan will have consistent swell and a gorgeous backdrop, albeit a cold one. Chances are if you surf in the winters on the East End the goal is a warm locale over the winter. There is always Sri Lanka, growing in popularity for the cuisine, culture and of course the surf. With a bay nicknamed ‘Surfer’s Heaven,’ Sri Lanka offers surf with friendly locals, waves for variety of levels and reef breaks.

If you are waiting until early spring, The Maldives offers optimal conditions and stunning, screen saver scenery along the Southern atolls. With offshore conditions and a range of breaks, there is something for everyone. Now that traveling is more precious than ever, where will you go this on-season?