Poetry Corner with Lawrence Spiro


If you know Montauk, then you know beach. This poem is about a day and the beach. If you have any comments or poems send them to larryspiro@aol.com.


Lawrence Spiro 9/2019

The sun lazes near too yellow to bear
But the swell of relief is enough
sweat appears all over about now ah
strolling through the cooler sands is
a pleasant alternative n’est-ce pas?

it was cool before when
grey and noisy with doors opening
and a car trunk clunk new car yet
a window moved up and the silhouette of voice
tumbled out with mutter and cough

close the morning door into the grey-cool
step then another on my way
the solo sun rolled over me
brighter and brightly warming up the air
warm is lower than hot rising light

decree by degree I removed my garment
plop onto my arm which began
to weep then sweat there
shifting the cloth (polyester) to the other
arm where moist pellets dripped

step to crackle cement tar squish flip
black sand then footfall hiss quiet flop
squint outward and down onto white sand
and the lap sound of the water view
I have arrived at the beginning of my story.