Poetry Corner with Larry Spiro

Fall contains all the other seasons to an extent. However, I question if fall has an identity of its own. Some think it is a magnificent canvas, others feel it is nothing but a rehash of time.

The following poem is a Yadu. Yadu means “season” in Burmese.

The ancient Burmese language is tonal, mono-syllabic, non-plural, and analytic. There are 4 lines per verse and 4 syllables in “climbing rhyme” per line.

The 5th line has 5, 7, 9 or 11 syllables.

A traditional Yadu has 3 verses. This Yadu has a 4th verse -an envoi. If you have any comments or poems send them to larryspiro@aol.com.

Climbing rhyme pattern

near fall a few                                              —a
old get new life                                            –a-
snow soon and quick                                  -a-b
a whim trick breeze                                     –b-
shake it then left right up down                -b – – – – –

on all side grew                                              —a
rain merge blue heat                                     –a-
the hue light thick                                          -a-b
thin soft wick leap                                          –b-
brown flick the creak loose floor board      -b – – – – –

earth touch sky flew                                        —a
you me who when                                            –a-
wind do ride tick                                              -a-b
cold terse slick ice                                            –b-
time wisp through the grey wood bridge    -b – – – – –

In go I knew                                                       —a
one not few step                                                –a-
feet two walk swift                                            -a-b
roof shift for aft                                                 –b-
sin lisp past bind to the crack                         -b – – – – –