Poetry Corner with Larry Spiro


Labor Day is a time to take a break, relax, enjoy the day and think about things.   This column looks at the laws that surround us. Try it out.  Let me know what you think – larryspiro@aol.com.

First, rank the phrases presented to you in Latin and English, the most important law being “1” and the least important “9.”

Laws                                                              Definition

⃝ Iure divino                                             (by) divine law

⃝ Lure Humano                                        (by) human law

⃝ ius civili                                                   civil law

⃝ ius gentium                                             the law of nations

⃝ iustitia omnibus                                      justice for all

⃝ ius natural                                                law of nature

⃝ De legibus forte                                       law of chance

⃝ Lex no scripta                                          the unwritten law

⃝ Lex taliones                                              the law of retaliation

Second, write your own poem!  Place your choice of law (number) that fits each line. There are no wrong entries, and you can change as much as you like.   Read it back out loud and hear what you wrote.

Poem                                     Written by ________________________  09/2020

⃝ is the boundary between daymare and peace

⃝ yields unity of accepted behavior

⃝ is there so strife struggle and unfairness cease

⃝ shields the diversity of all together

⃝ strong and beautiful future depends on this

⃝ removes the walls around the will to adapt

⃝  guides humility to be the collective wish

⃝ emotes  gut response to anger, flare and snap

⃝ is the boundary between daymare and peace

⃝ compels daydreams and wonder to be in reach