Montauk Library Luncheon and Opening Day: Two Days of Celebration

by Richard Lewin

On Thursday, February 17th and Friday, February 18th, the Trustees, Friends and Staff of Montauk Library celebrated the Library’s Reopening and invited the public to visit. The exterior “Montauk Library” sign was installed, and the paving was being completed for the new parking lot during Thursday’s Luncheon and Tour for Library Trustees and Friends. Trustees in attendance were Joan Lycke, Barbara Grimes, Marilyn Levine, Carter Tyler, Linda Barnds and Lynda Bostrom. Not shown is Trustee Richard Sheckman. Library Director Denise DiPaolo thanked everyone for their support, and spoke about the special features of the re-design. Sally Krusch’s “Friends of the Library” were caught reading in their new room. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held later in the spring.