It was a full weekend

            It was a full weekend with the Harbor Festival and the Blessing of the Fleet on the same day.  Since we were in the dock area after the Blessing, when the ceremonies ended we decided to stop and eat at one of our old favorites, Lenny’s on the Dock.  You can’t miss this harbor side establishment because it is right next to some of the popular charter books in the area.  Casual, warm and friendly, “Lenny’s” is great places to stop with friends, children or to just grab a bite to eat after a fun day at the beach.
The menu offers something for everyone,
with appetizers, soups, salads, cold and fried platters, sandwiches, grilled meats and of course numerous selections from the sea.

            That evening we went had the local calm chowder and shrimp cocktails for starters then followed it with grilled tuna and the fried bay scallops.  Both choices hit their mark and as we sat and enjoyed the view with our drinks in hand, deciding this was the perfect end to a busy, fun packed weekend of Montauk festivities.  We could tell by the other diners that entered while we were eating that they were feeling the same way.  Families and couples began to fill the tables and each group emitted that same, happy, vacation-like mood as they ordered.  With the aroma of the sea beyond the open windows, the gentle breeze coming through the open patio windows completed the sense of being in another place and totally enjoying the experience.  Next time you are down by the dock area, stop by Lenny’s for lunch or dinner and be part of Montauk’s atmosphere at its finest.

            Information:  Lenny’s is open seven days a week during the summer and offers over fifty dishes to choose from. Prices are reasonable with appetizers ranging from $5 to $14 and salads and entrees from $7 to $23, with select items offered at market price.  Great prices for families, with a special children’s menu, too.