NEFT Spicy Lemon Drop

Having been ignored as a spirit good enough to sip neat for generations, most people are unable to taste the subtle differences among ultra-premium vodkas. But times have changed, and a small band of ultra-premium vodkas, notably NEFT Vodka, have emerged to reinvent the category. Catering to a growing culture of spirits connoisseurs and trendsetters alike, NEFT has delivered a small-batch vodka from Austria that holds its own against any other sipping spirit. With pure, clean and all-natural ingredients, NEFT is for anyone looking to up their spirits game with a vodka that will enhance any cocktail, or be savored neat, solely for its taste.

Want to channel your inner mixologist and learn to taste the unique flavors of these ultra-premium sipping vodkas? Give it a shot with NEFT’s personal taste-testing recommendations. It’s not your traditional tasting guide, but neither is NEFT your traditional vodka. Enjoy!


  1. Do not freeze your vodka or add ice cubes. These steps only dull and dilute the taste, which shouldn’t be necessary with any premium spirit. In addition, use a glass small enough so there isn’t a long distance to your mouth, but large enough so that your nose is not too close to the vodka.
  2. Pour about 2 oz. of vodka into the glass and evaluate its appearance. Is it watery or creamy? Crystalline or opaque? The finer the vodka the creamier and clearer it will look (and feel), leading to a higher viscosity, or mouthfeel. Higher viscosity is not only more enjoyable, but it indicates higher quality ingredients as well as superb distillation methods.
  3. Swirl the vodka from rim to bottom about two inches away from your nose and notice the aromas. A premium vodka will generally have a slightly sweet, earthy and clean bouquet.
  4. Take a very small sip of the vodka, noting the initial flavors, and spit it out. Take a second, slightly larger sip, and let the liquid completely coat your tongue. Keep it there for about 10 seconds. As it rolls to the back of your throat, consider the finish. Is it complex and varietal? Spicey with a hint of sweet? This is the combination you’re looking for.
  5. Swallow the vodka and pay attention not only to the aftertaste, but the longevity of the aftertaste. The average vodka leaves an aftertaste of 5 seconds; anything more is considered to be of excellent quality.