Gurney’s Star Island – Lobster Bake To Go


Grney’s Montauk- Scarpetta Beach and Gurney’s Star Island Resort and Marina Restaurants are open for take-out. Offering an array of menu items at each of their eateries, they are another good option to our ‘take-out’ lifestyle. In addition to their breakfast, all-day meal menu, and pizza to-go options, Gurney’s Star Island is offering a chic Lobster Bake. Prepared to keep warm in a covered tray, soaking in a tasty herbed broth, the dish includes a steamed 1.5lb lobster, clams in smoked uni butter, chorizo, and herbs. Also included are Rosemary Butter & Honey Biscuits, corn, and steamed Yukon Golds. We enjoyed the meal at home on Thursday evening, and quite a feast it was! Even after bringing it home and photographing everything, it was still warm and ready to eat. Cooked to perfection, the lobster was juicy and pleasantly accented with the flavor of the fresh herbs. Along with the biscuits and corn on the cob, the tender smoked clams floating with the chorizo and potatoes in the delicious herb broth perfectly rounds out this one of a kind lobster bake. Although the bake itself is plenty of food, tasty add-ons are also offered at an additional cost: seafood chowder, Arugula salad, spring harvest salad, apple & amp; rhubarb pie, or peach cobbler. We sampled the two salads; the deliciously fresh Arugula Salad prepared with local sweet strawberries, goat cheese, pistachios, and a lavender honey dressing, and the Spring Harvest with gem lettuce, sweet peas, fava beans, radish, snap peas and a tart lemon vinaigrette was also fresh and delicious. Either one is an excellent accompaniment to the meal. For full menus, check the website and call for orders- Gurney’s Star Island tel: 631-668-3133 or Scarpetta Beach tel: 631.668.1771.