Good News Planet with Paul Sladkus

December 2020

Dear Montauk Friends and Members,

Live in the NOW and LEAVE NO BEAUTIFUL WORD UNSAID. Life is beautiful and every moment could be cherished and enjoyed. Share your beautiful words with others, don’t expect anything for your kindness and you will feel great knowing that you made another’s day a little nicer.

Good News Motto – All we are is what we are with each other. Zeal

I believe, the Good News is that most of our life we realize this miracle of life…but as those moments of frustration, illness, disappointment and more concerning situations creep into our life, sit back… and cherish the miracle that we have been given of life. Yes, along with the good there are bumps in the road, challenges to be dealt with, or what we might also say are the opportunities to make us stronger and the Good News is that we have dealt with these bumps and more before and we will once again.

Our nonprofit, Good News Corporation continues to keep giving for over 22 years and sure can use your help during Covid to continue our mission with our focus on Peace & HEALTH. Here is a link to make a tax deductible donation:

Also here is the link for our Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE Movie, Book, Video Game….

Thought For The Day

LEAVE NO BEAUTIFUL WORD UNSAID – Our beautiful word TO ALL is that the people, animals and plants of the world are good. ALL are born good and almost ALL stay good. Our Good News Mission is to focus on the Good. At the same time minimize and help the confused, so they will get back to their birth instincts. ALL are adorable, cuddly, and brilliant. ALL children come with a lifetime responsibility as parents and our fellow brothers and sisters to help them ALL be ALL the good they can be. LEAVING NO BEAUTIFUL WORD UNSAID IS OUR BEST WAY TO ENCOURAGE GOOD IN THE WORLD.

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Peace & Love,
Paul Sladkus, Reverend. Here to Officiate or speak 24/7.
Founder and President, Good News Corporation      212 647 1212