East End Inshore Journal with Paul Snyder

“Farmers Market” Steve, Captain Steve & Pat

December 2020

Blackfish season hits full steam in the Fall. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, “Farmers Market” Steve & Pat, joined Captain Steve & I, for a day of local fishing. We left the dock around 6:30am. We had lucked out. The weather was gorgeous. At one point I was fishing in shorts and a T-Shirt.

We stayed local and started fishing in a 105 feet of water south of the Lighthouse. The fishing started with a handful of Cunner. The light bites in deep water are tricky. I knew from past deeper water trips to swing on the lightest of taps. It worked for the first blackfish and a few more. The fishing wasn’t red hot so we tried a couple different areas before coming back to the first spot.

With the sun low in the sky and fish filling the tote, I took a picture of “Farmers Market” Steve, Captain Steve & Pat. It had been 10 priceless hours filled with memories. I almost forgot the curious school of dolphin that hung around the boat for awhile. As the saying goes,”time spent fishing is not deducted from one’s lifetime.”