Fuel For Surfing

Barreling into the winter months, our routines, sleep habits, skin-care regimens are diets will gradually shift.  If you are a surfer, your wetsuits, wax, boards and surfing schedule will change as well to accommodate the colder water, shorter days and darker mornings.  For surfers in particular, our eating habits for fueling our activity levels are important regardless of the season to stay fit and healthy in the line-up.

Eating with the seasons is often lost with our access to food from around the world, but we should try to eat as local and organic as possible.  Taking note of what foods preserve natural resources, support biodiversity, animal welfare and avoidance of genetically modified foods are a good start.  If we are conscious of our food choices, we will nourish our bodies as well as our minds.

What you put into your body is as important as the work your body does, and both practices are opportunities to be preventative and proactive in your overall health.

Surf 1We spoke with several surfers to learn what works for them, and the theme was natural, whole foods, avoiding sugar and preservatives.  Variety was key, whether it is consuming many types of proteins, vegetables or herbs.  One surfer soaks chia seeds overnight in coconut water for breakfast, adding berries and nuts for essential fats and amino acids.  Avocados were popular, as well as nut milk, fruits and teas.

Surf 3We also heard a lot about taking care of your health for performance now and in the future.  Respecting your food as much as surfers respect the ocean should be a goal for everyone.  Knowing where your ingredients come from, consuming unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible and avoiding chemicals are critical.  Opting for kale and not Kale chips, raw nuts instead of protein bars, and whole fruit instead of juices are ideal.

Eating clean is about being mindful about what we eat, and often the simple approach is best.  Looking for foods in their natural state that are fresh, in sync with the season and as local as possible will not only fuel your surfing, it will boost your well being, all year long.