Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: Winter 2024

Left: Only kept enough for dinner! Right: Giant Dogfish...good eating!

2024 is here! After the past few years of great fishing out here on the East End, it’s only natural to expect more of the same. We did see more easterly wind last season, which is not common during the summer months. Nevertheless, fishing still held up and was actually better for some species. We’ll just have to wait and see, but judging from the recent seasons and the sheer number of fish pouring through during the spring run, I think it will be action packed again!

Along with a new season, usually comes new regulations. New proposals are coming up for the Striped Bass. I’m sure they’ll be other changes for the different species, hopefully for the better. As usual, we will list all of the changes as soon as they come out. Comments & inquiry’s can be made at:

I’ve said this before, regulations are necessary for the survival of the species. The bottom line is that we all have to regulate ourselves. Just because the Federal and State laws gives us size & quota limits, it doesn’t mean we have to harvest that particular limit every time.

Catch and Release is rewarding.

Take what you can use for your family & friends to eat & release the rest. Seems everybody has a boat of some kind nowadays, & there is a lot more people out there fishing, so keep that in mind next time your out.

With the cost of just about everything going crazy, there are some ways to cut down on expense. Fresh clams, live crabs, & live eels have reached an all time high, so to avoid that, artificial lures are replacing them. Diamond Jigs nowadays have become really fancy, mimicking the different baitfish for each area more closely, thus producing better results. Vertical jigs have really taken off! For instance, you always anchor for Blackfish, but on a calm windless day with a light tide Blackfish will chow on a Vertical jig! It’s crazy how hard they hit it.

Capt. Mike Forman & stepson Wyatt’s Bigeye Tuna. R.I.P. MIKE!

Porgy, Black Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Bluefish, even Fluke respond to Diamond & Vertical jigs. After the initial expense of the jigs, you’ll be saving money down the road & be able to afford taking your wife, husband, or significant other out for dinner! It’s a win-win option!! LOL!

Sad to mention the passing of Capt. Mike Forman, who was killed in a tragic auto accident on 1-8-24. A pioneer in Canyon fishing, great all around fisherman, just a good guy that would do anything for ya! RIP Capt. Mike. Catch em’ up!!!

           ~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip