Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip

June 2020

Has to be one of the coldest Springs in years! Crazy weather, a frost warning last week, wind constantly blowing every day, so much for Global warming!! Anyway, we are not missing anything out here on the East End. There are quite a few juvenile Striped bass to have fun with along the beaches and it will just be a matter of time before their big brothers and sisters follow.

Water temperature dictates everything, no matter where in the world you are. Along with the phases of the Moon and the Tides that go along with the phases of the Moon. With modern technology nowadays, we can know when the regular occurrences of these phases will happen, BUT, that’s where the water temperature and wind conditions throw the whole technology principal out the window. The earth is still an unstable and not so accurately thing to predict, even with the modern days instruments. As I’ve said in the past Mother Nature governs it all. And that’s why it’s a Mother!! (figured everyone could use a laugh these days)!

Meanwhile, the sound out by Montauk is still quite chilly, the Fluke have not really entered the sound because of these conditions. The local draggers that rely so greatly on the spring run of Fluke after a long quiet winter, are not seeing any numbers yet. That’s how Mother Nature works, every year in some ways is different, never an easy thing to predict. Some things relatively remain close to the norm, like the Blue Crabs will have their soft shells during the first full moon in May and the Squid will also come into the bay to spawn during the first full moon in May. But there are always conditions that modify these occurrences, and that’s what keeps them so elusive.So, if anyone is concerned about missing out on any action right now, rest assured, you still got time to ready your boat, go over your tackle, replace the old fishing line on your reels, re-wrap that favorite rod of yours, and organize all of your safety equipment, what the heck else are we gonna do anyway! Every season people get on the radio and ask what are the regulations for the different species, so at the risk of being redundant, I’ll repeat them all again:

Bluefish: No size limit for recreational (private boats) you’re allowed 3 fish. Charter/ Partyboat you’re allowed 5 fish all year round for both categories

Striped Bass: 28″-35″ slot (not less than 28″ not greater than 35″). 1 per person April 15 – Dec 15

Fluke: 19″ @ 4 per person May 4-Sept. 30Scup: (Porgy) Recreational (private boats) 9″ 30 per person all year. Charter/Partyboat 9″ 50 per person Sept.1-Oct 31 Charter/Party same as recreational till Sept 1

Black Sea Bass: For everyone! 15″ size limit. 3 per person from June 23-Aug 31. Then from Sept 1-Dec 31 it’s 7 per person

Tautog (Blackfish): For everyone: 16″ size limit. 2 per person from April 1-April 30. Then 3 per person from Oct 11-Dec 9

Fishing is great family fun and you end up with some fresh eats for your effort! I really enjoy the family competition, Mothers and Fathers, sisters and brothers great fun and lots of laughs!

Wishing everyone All the Best! Stay strong and be Well!!

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip