Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip

There's no mistaking the Sailfish's Sail


White Marlin, once plentiful off Montauk, could be making a comeback

The first day of Spring was a beautiful day, a touch of wind, but overall a good sign for things to come. Even though we had a mild winter, the water temperature is still around 40-43 degrees. Capt. Bob Tuma taught me that whatever the weather is at daybreak on the day of the solstice (winter, spring, summer, & fall), will usually be the pattern for that season. I have been paying close attention since hearing this, and it’s pretty darn close. Heck, even today’s modern technology gets it wrong quite a bit.

Sailfish season this winter down in South Florida was Fantastic!



Anyway, nothing is 100%, but on this years first day of spring it was sunny and the wind was around 15 kts. At the time I’m writing this, it looks like we have a nice stretch of sunny weather coming our way. As soon as that sun keeps coming out the water temperature will continue to rise, and hopefully that is good for an early start this season. Remember last year everything ran 2-3 weeks late. I don’t think that will be the case this season! But, don’t quote me! LOL

No news on any regulation changes at this time, as soon as we hear we’ll report. It’s very important to know the regulations, you don’t want to ruin a fun days fishing with a fine from the Department of Environment Conservation.

Capt. Jeff Wilson is catching nice Swordfish off of South Florida this winter

Usually the Porgy will show up first in the sound along with schools of juvenile striped Bass. There will be Black Sea Bass as well, but the recreational season won’t open till some time in early July. Water temperature and changes in regulations will control all of that.

Now is the time to get your boat and tackle ready. Take advantage of every nice day to go through your boat and make sure all your bilge pumps are in good working order. Along with running lights and safety equipment. Expiration dates on flares must be checked and pull life preservers out of their storage spot and check for rips or tears either in the preserver material or the securing straps. Also, if you fish at night it’s a worthwhile investment to buy fresh Cylume sticks. (plastic tube liquid chemical light) They have many useful uses!

Summer will be here before you know it, so don’t put off getting ready!!

       ~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip