Early Sunday evening

            Early Sunday evening the late sunset started to pop through the clouds so we decided to stay in Montauk a while longer. We found ourselves at The Point in the center of Montauk.   Known for its energetic bar scene on the weekends, and very popular with the locals, we quickly learned it’s a great place to eat during the day.  We were warmly greeted by Glen and seated in the dinning room. The dining area was laid-back and appealingly pleasant.  We thought we might have hit this place on a slow Sunday evening, however, we suddenly noticed the wait staff constantly pulling together large tables to accommodate groups of families and friends. Our pleasant waitress, Heather, quickly took our drink order and recommended the East End Punch.  If it weren’t for the drive ahead, I would have had several of these well-made drinks!

            The menu consisted of a variety of items for every appetite and was full of traditional dishes such as baked clams, fried calamari, and shrimp cocktail, to Philly Cheese steaks, Burgers, sandwiches, and entrees such as Shrimp Alfredo, Fish N Chips and NY Strip Steak.  We finally decided to sample the steamed mussels and seared tuna, which came with a fabulous tangy soy dipping sauce.  After the last remaining mussel, I eagerly tore the crust off the edge of my garlic bread and used it to soak up the remaining broth.

            After appetizers, we awaited our main courses, the Fish N Chips and Flounder.  We enjoyed three huge plump Halibut filets with a nicely golden, perfectly crispy coating, and generous cut fries and Tartar sauce.  The flounder was light and flaky and served on a toasted bun also with fries.  We thought we had no room for dessert, but soon found we couldn’t resist the Chocolate Volcano, which consisted of a dark chocolate fudge brownie; rich velvety fudge in the middle and two scoops of vanilla ice cream.  This was a delicious ending to our delightful meal.  If you’re in town, stop in, have a bite to eat, a drink, watch the game, and say hello to Glen, Randy and crew.

The Point Bar & Grill: Main Street, Montauk • 631 668-1500