Can a Vodka Be Enjoyed Neat…Like a Bourbon or Whiskey?

NEFT Vodka thinks so, and so do the experts.

With more than 1,500 craft vodkas available on the shelves these days, it’s hard to know which one to choose unless of course your only criterion is price. That simplifies the decision in an otherwise over-crowded market where PR machinations are hard at work explaining the importance of terroir and other obscure facts about the spirit, in earnest attempts to differentiate their brand within the category.

It wasn’t always that way though. Historically, vodka has been widely known for its inability to stand on its own and enjoyed neat, like its brown sipping spirits counterparts. Instead, it was most often frozen and slammed down as a shot or concealed with mixers to the point of being undetectable. But times have changed, and a small band of ultra-premium vodkas, notably NEFT Vodka, have emerged to reinvent the category. Catering to a growing culture of spirits connoisseurs and tastemakers alike, NEFT has delivered a small-batch vodka from Austria that holds its own against any other sipping spirit.

NEFT is a decidedly rare vodka, that much is true. It is the only rye-based vodka distilled in Austria using pure Alps spring water available in the U.S., and its arrival to the market has been a game changer. Employing a very gentle and minimalist approach to distillation and filtration, NEFT is the rare exception to the category in that its ingredients are meant to be tasted, not stripped out and neutralized as is the norm for many brands. A vodka meant to be tasted. It sounds like an oxymoron but according to judges from some of the most respected competitions in the world, sipping it neat or over ice is every bit as enjoyable as a fine rye bourbon or whisky. No barrel aging required.

If you haven’t seen the brand before, you’ll soon be noticing its one-of-a-kind barrel packaging everywhere. That’s right, a barrel. NEFT’s super cool and unbreakable barrel adds a lot of value to the purchase because it can go virtually anywhere you want to go, all while staying chilled for hours. Light and compact enough for a backpack, unexpected experiences are endless, and we can now relax with an exceptional beverage in ways we never thought possible.

NEFT is available at Point Bar and Grill, Montauket, Shagwong, West Lake Fish House, Montauk Liquors, Finest Kind Wines and Liquors, Amagansett Village Wine and Spirit, Almond – Bridgehampton, Churchill Wine and Spirit – Bridgehampton, Southhampton Public house, Mcnamara Liquors – Bridgehampton, Cork N Jug – Hampton Bays, Dandy Liquors – Greenport and All World Wine and Spirits- Greenport.