Brain Waves with Debra Rose

Fighting Complacency

Spring is a time of renewal.  We often associate ‘spring cleaning’ and emerging from winter with a fresh start.  This is also an ideal time to reassess areas in your life in which you may have been psychologically sleep walking through you days.

A change of weather naturally forces a shakeup in your routine.  Perhaps you linger outside longer as it becomes warmer, and your schedule adjusts to the lasting daylight.  Fundamentally your daily habits may remain without a second thought.  How often do you drive somewhere without realizing how you arrived? Can you remember what you had for breakfast? Do you tend to follow the same course of action throughout your day?

We thrive on a framework to feel in control of our lives, as we have been taught since nursery school how important a routine can be.  We feel safer within a regime and template, that is why we have calendars, holidays and why weekends mark something different than other days of the week.

Maybe it is the season to try on different approaches, in small and in more significant ways.  Perhaps planning travel to a different destination or exploring something new that is in the area.  It could be learning something you have thought about for a while, picking up a new skill of interest, finding a way to continue self-improvement.

We can easily slip into complacency, and when change does happen it is an unwelcome shock to the system.  By consistently challenging ourselves we are mentally and physically rehearsing for the inevitable; change.  We are also growing and evolving for ourselves and for those around us.  As the world begins to open, take advantage of all the things you missed, and have always wanted to do.  Being more mindful, and intentional in your daily life, adds up to a more authentic way of living.  Slipping into complacency is human, and it will always be our instinct to snap ourselves out of it and feel truly alive.