Beans, Beach Towns, and Big Sharks…Beaches & Beans Coffee Co.

The guys and gals over at Beaches & Beans Coffee Co. are at it again!  After gaining significant traction in just over a year, with their Montauk and Hamptons Blends quickly becoming synonymous with the East End of Long Island, and respectively their Key West and Palm Beach Blends establishing a similar foothold in sunny South Florida.  It seems as if they’re everywhere you look that has a sandy beach.

With that being said, get used to it, because you’re about to see a whole lot more of them.  The ever-expanding Beaches & Beans lineup has now spread West to Coney Island, and North to Nantucket, with the recent launches of their Coney Island and Sankaty Blends.

Part theme park, part beach community, Coney Island shows that both Brooklyn and the Big Apple can represent the #saltlife lifestyle with the best of them.  That, combined with the owner’s childhood ties to Brooklyn, this single origin Guatemalan blend just felt right to the Beaches & Beans crew.  They sure nailed it…this one-of-a-kind blend is without question, a hands up, Cyclone type ride kind of coffee, that screams Coney Island!

Up to our north, with a strong resemblance to the Montauk Lighthouse, stands the Sankaty Lighthouse on the Eastern facing shoreline of Nantucket.  If there was ever a place that embodied the Beaches & Beans brand as much as Montauk, it’d be Nantucket.  The medium-dark roasted Sankaty Blend will no doubt take you to a place filled with scenic sand dunes and stacked lobster pots with every sip.  On the topic of Nantucket, there are whispers from the grapevine that there may even be something in the works with a certain favorite Nantucket brewery to further cement this MTK/ACK relationship.

Giving back played an integral part of the formation of Beaches & Beans, and still continues to play a dominant role in their day to day operations.  They’re still in partnership with Jimmy Buffett and Freedom Fighter Outdoors, with all proceeds from their collaborative ‘True Valor’ coffee, launched late last year, going towards FFO’s continued efforts in providing veterans with once in a lifetime fishing and hunting experiences.  And, queue the Jaws music…Just in time for Shark Week…earlier this summer Beaches & Beans teamed up with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, and launched a Great White Shark themed coffee, appropriately named “Great White.”  Located at the elbow of Cape Cod, in Chatham, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy relentlessly works to support scientific research of the population of great white sharks in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, with an emphasis on improving public safety, and educating the community to inspire white shark conservation.  100% of the proceeds from this coffee goes directly back to the AWSC to assist in their continued shark protection efforts.  The coffee can be purchased on both Beaches & Beans’ and AWSC’s websites, in addition to their shark centers up on the Cape.

So, where is Beaches & Beans heading next, and what’s the next on their ascension up their proverbial coffee ladder?  The owners were pretty tight lipped when I inquired, but assured me that it will involve a whole lot of fun, and a whole lot of great coffee!  Until then… Stay salty and stay caffeinated!