At The Senior Nutrition Center…

Birthday Celebrants Viola Angelidis, Detlev Zimmermann and Dorothy Campbell in 2019

June Birthdays

by Patria Baradi Pacis

It’s been more than three months since the seniors of Montauk got together for lunch at the Nutrition Center because of  COVID-19, however, you can be sure that this reporter will never let a birthday go by without greeting them a “Happy Birthday”  with or without the virus.

The month of June celebrants are Viola Angelidis, Detlev Zimmermann and Dorothy Campbell and are wished many, many more to come.  Hopefully, the snowbirds who have been on lockdown at their winter houses down south will soon be back to enjoy the much needed camaraderie with their peers.  Let’s not forget the chair yoga exercises, meditation sessions, tai-chi and wellness talks, bingo, dominoes and card games, and the delicious, well balanced meals with the scrumptious, strawberry birthday cake served at the end of each month.

The good news is that more and more establishments are opening to the public including, hotels, hair salons, churches, clothing stores and other businesses, all with social distancing in mind.  I’m glad to report that in addition to take out orders and deliveries, some restaurants are now open for sit down lunches and dinners on picnic tables provided outside.

While walking my black lab Princess Penguin around town, I noticed sidewalks with “X”’s marked six feet apart to let people know where to stand while waiting. Parking is still limited around town and one way streets are being contemplated as well as one day a week closed to pedestrians.  I am sure that eventually, things will work out for the best.

Executive Director, Sharon Sennefelder hopes to open the Center this month by adding more tables and lessening the amount of seniors seated next to each other. In the meantime, all are grateful for the great meals delivered to their homes by East Hampton Town.

Happy Birthday Viola, Detlev and Dorothy and a Happy 4th of July to all.

If you are 60 and over and need more info, kindly contact Sharon at 631-668-1023 or e-mail her at or East Hampton Director of Human Services, Diane Patrizio at 631-329-6939.