A New Montauk Inspired Coffee…Beaches & Beans Coffee Co.

…by Sue Giustino…

Beaches & Beans Coffee Company is a premium, small-batch, organic, fair trade coffee company owned and operated by a local police family with decades of law enforcement service between them. After eventually putting permanent roots down on New York’s East End beaches, and fully immersing themselves in the spirit of coastal living, they yearned to combine two of the most revitalizing forces in life…coffee and the ocean. The company was born on the premise of creating an exceptional cup of coffee that possessed the same invigorating effect, as leaping into the ocean, all while aiming to formulate both a coffee and brand, which fully embody the toes in the sand lifestyle we live our lives by every day.

At Beaches & Beans they live by the motto, “anything worth doing in life, is worth doing overdoing!” They don’t do anything halfway…whether it’s hunting giant striped bass, or roasting coffee. This is the very reason they stop at nothing, to source the highest quality, 100% arabica coffee beans from all over the world. Quality is their #1 priority, and getting their hands on the best tasting, premium, organic and fair trade beans, means that they can consistently fill your cups with full bodied and exceptionally smooth tasting coffee. Their coffee is roasted with the same focus and attention to detail which was learned through years of serving the community in law enforcement, and for that reason it will never let you down.

“With every purchase you make, we give back. We donate a portion of all proceeds to various groups who work to protect our oceans and marine environments. Fishing and surfing is engrained in every fiber of our being and we feel obliged to do our part to make sure the next generation gets to enjoy nature’s playground the same way we have. In addition, a portion of every single sale is donated to various charities and foundations that are committed to serving veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders. So, when you drink our coffee, you’re helping keep our oceans in check…but you’re also looking out for the guys and gals, that toe the line every day, both home and abroad, who always look out for all of us!”