26th Annual Montauk Lighthouse Triathlon

What a super honor to host and Podium again at the 26th Montauk Lighthouse Triathlon. Now the biggest single Triathlon on LI and produced by the amazing EventPower Team for us. The group photo (below) is of Vicki Ventura (@EventPower) myself and the overall Champions who are among the Top Triathletes in the Country. Biggest thanks to all the volunteers, emergency services, etc…who made this a safe and exciting event. And as one of the oldest competitors (and still well up the leaderboard), my personal time improved by almost 5 minutes…which is why I continue to encourage all at any age to step into fitness. Hopefully, we will see you next year, with arms raised and a giant smile at the coolest finish in the Country!

Joe Gaviola, Keeper of the Light