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Dear Montauk Sun Readers,

I first want to congratulate you, the readers, of The Montauk Sun for your loyal following over the past 20 years. Montauk is a great home and vacation location for many. As one of the columnists in The Montauk Sun , I am honored to share some of the world’s Good News in it. I know the how much care and hard work that the team behind The Montauk Sun has given to the magazine and website, so a toast to their 20th Anniversary, with many more to come! Did you know, that each month The Montauk Sun not only is shared in Montauk, but the Hamptons, New York City and the world. We also can see that all the columnists and advertisers in The Montauk Sun for all these years have been sharing Good News! And that is Good News!

More Good News is that most of the world is filled with loving, caring, giving people, along with our animals and plant kingdom ..om.

Well NOW (spelled backwards is WON, as when we live in the NOW we have WON) it has been 30 years since our efforts producing the 20th Anniversary of Woodstock in Times Square, along with Richie Havens (who started Woodstock Festival 50 years ago singing FREEDOM) and a group from Woodstock (Including Juma Sultan Jimmy Hendrix’s drummer). We NOW have created a Movie by sharing that brilliant event that focused on Peace, Love & HOPE and our Next Generations and included many other celebrities: Michael Douglas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Kasey Musgraves, Ringo Starr, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, The Simpsons, Diana Ross….. over 50 well known worldwide life affirming citizens on mother earth and everyday people living in Peace, Love & HOPE.

Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE, as we titled it, is available NOW. Please go to www.woodstockforever.org and donate to our Good News Corporation, 501 C 3 Tax Deductible Project to receive the links to watch our 2 Hour Full Length Documentary Movie, additionally we created, a companion book written by Paul Sladkus, a video game, titled HUG FOR PEACE, that is fun while sharing thoughts about our environment and WATER. As well as, a research study for Peace, Love & HOPE Everything we do with our media is General Market, up-beat, not beat up….LIFE AFFIRMING.

Please go to www.woodstockforever.org and make a donation and see a great movie and more!
We are getting great reviews for the film for the life affirming positive values for Peace, Love & HOPE that it shares for all ages, for now and our future generations.

We will be having Movie Night Showings, Parties and concerts in different locations, so please stay tuned to our www.goodnewsplanet.TV and join our FREE NEWSLETTER on the bottom of the homepage.
Up-Coming Events where Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE will be shown:
1. PDR, in the Water Mill Square, The Hamptons, soon, date TBD.
2. Supper Room, Bayside Queens, August 3, 2019 Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE Movie and Party Night. www.supperroom.com
3. www.we2019.org the largest gathering of the original performers at the original Woodstock Festival in 1969. August 9,10,11,16,17,18 in Jefferson, North Carolina.
4. www.peacedayparty.org September 15th Central Park Bandshell, September 21, Times Square, Father Duffy Park 47/7th 11am to celebrate the International Day of Peace and Woodstock Forever.

With Peace, Love and HOPE in our Hearts and Actions,
~ Reverend Paul Sladkus and our wonderful Good News, Peace & Woodstock Team