Montauk Remembers Patricia (Trish) Coover

Patricia (Trish) Coover

Trish, as everyone knew her, was born on March 29, 1966. She went to grammar school in Manhattan at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, afterwards graduating Mater Christi High School in Queens NY. She later got a nursing degree and worked in Manhattan as an OBGYN nurse at Kirch/Marrone.

After 9/11 she left the city, came to Montauk, and started working at Lenny’s On The Dock as a server. “There was no one like Trish. From the second any customer met her, she was their friend. Her personality, smile, and heart were larger than life. From serving to singing karaoke at the bar along with her favorite ‘Queen’ song, or ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ or ‘Copacabana’, she stole the show everywhere. Everyone loved Trish, said Lenny De Fina.

She worked there until the restaurant closed in 2012. After that Trish moonlighted at John’s Pancake House as well as IGA. “She was loved by all,” stated her brother James Coover. “My sister made a lasting impression on everyone she met. She had a heart of gold and also had no fear…she never backed down from anything. She did not like being called Patricia…she liked Trish. She will be dearly missed.”

For all of those who knew Trish, knew what a special person she was. She will always be in the hearts of so many…near and far. A church service will be held on a later date.

From Trish’s brother, James: Hello Everyone…I was asked to give a bit of insight to everyone about my sister Patricia which at this time is a bit difficult under the present situation but here it goes:

Trish has never changed one day in her life to be someone she wasn’t as you all must already know, she has a ton of lifelong friends who miss her dearly as she was taken from us way too soon. Trish was never involved with sports and I can most definitely understand why, she always liked to get a little too close to the playing field, like when we were young kids playing hit the stick in front of my grandmother’s house in New York City, Trish went after the Spalding ball when it took a wicked bounce and got hit by a meat delivery bicycle which put her in the hospital with a concussion, or the time when Billy was playing catch with a softball with a friend and Trish got hit in the face with the ball and had her nose broken, and the last time she got to close was when she collided with Mike and had her arm broken while he was trying to catch a long pass while playing football in the streets of Woodside. She just had a way of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trish went to grammar school in Manhattan with me at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, just as all of my family had. She graduated there and then went to Mater Christi High School in Queens, she then went to work for an OBGYN in Manhattan for quite a few years. After that, she left the city and headed for the Island.

Trish always made a lasting impression on everyone that she met, she had a heart of Gold, she also had no fear, and she never backed down from a fight no matter how big her opponent was, it drove me nuts.

I remember one night while sitting at my boat club bar in upstate NY and overhearing a guest talk about some waitress he had met while he was traveling throughout Long Island on his boat, he said this girl was a real piece of work she made us laugh all night, she wasn’t that great of a waitress but she was funny as hell. Sure as s***, he was talking about my sister as I struck up a conversation with him. It’s funny, you never know who you are going to run into. The world is so huge and so small at the same time. He almost died when I introduced myself as her brother, obviously she made a lasting impression on him as well as many others. I imagine. She was just that way.

Trish hated to be called Patricia as I always did, just to get under her skin as a brother can.

She was the Daughter of Ann and Walter Coover, sister to me, James Coover, sister-in-law to my wife Michele, and aunt to my son, James.

I miss her dearly and can’t stop thinking how drastic her demise was. I can only hope and pray that she gets some kind of justice at the end of this mess. May God Bless you all, and thank-you for being her friends.