Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: March 2024

Winter finally arrived, but not as bad as some other locations around the country. Snowfall has been minimal for us here on the east end, but just to the north of us got pummeled! Down south in Florida I believe it blew 20 kts. the entire month of January, along with tons of rain and very chilly days. But, when weather permitted, some good fishing was to be had down there. The Sailfish bite just heated up and it’s on fire right now, also don’t forget about freshwater fishing in Florida, the Largemouth Bass Capitol. Breeding time for the Big mouths can really provide some great action on light tackle and
that’s going on right now!

Meanwhile back here in Montauk, those of us who stayed are enjoying the quiet time & the slower pace. It’s a good time to go over all the tackle and do all the necessary maintenance. Any boat maintenance should be evaluated and done now because some parts are still taking time to get, so don’t be waiting till the last minute! Same goes for some tackle & reel parts. It’s better to hurry up & wait, than be too late!!

Regulations for 2024 are not all entirely in yet, but we do have updates on some of the species. Striped Bass will remain the same unfortunately, 28″-31″ slot size, one fish per angler. There was an option to change to 28″-35″ but was voted down. Too bad, because this would of greatly reduced the catch & release injury ratio. Too many fish between 31″-35″ going back, where if anglers were able to keep them, the limit would be reached sooner & then you can move on to catching something else, thus avoiding more release damage!!

Fluke regulations are equally messed up! 2024 Regulations for Fluke are: 3 fish per angler at 19.5″!! Once again there will be more unnecessary damage because of the release ratio. The powers at be need to listen to the full time professional fishermen that have spent their whole life on the water, hands on with the biomass, not some scientist that didn’t grow up in the industry!

Black Sea Bass, Porgy (Scup), & Blackfish (Tautog) regulations have not been released yet, but hopefully there will be no changes in them. We will post the updates as soon as they become available.

Just want to take the time to thank the Army Corps of Engineers for all their hard work restoring our beaches here in Montauk, we are extremely grateful. The speed & magnitude of the restoration project is nothing short of amazing!! Thank You!!!

           ~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip