Surfing Montauk with Debra Rose

Pack Your Bags…

Debra Rose

It’s that time of year to escape the long chilly months of early spring and surf some waves on another part of the planet. Whether you bring or rent your board, some essentials will make your trip efficient and easier. A little preparation goes a long way.

Transportation –  If you plan on driving around, soft racks for the roof, towels and even a board sock for in between boards are useful without having to rent or buy these pieces while traveling.
Gear – Likely you’re bringing a wetsuit, maybe bring a spare that’s warmer or one that’s lighter as a back up. Booties are must since you may want to avoid rocks or reef, and a hanger to dry your suit between sessions.
Wardrobe – A changing robe, extra towel, changing mat and wetsuit bag to throw your stuff in the car makes your changing comfortable.
Extras – Yes you can find wax, fin keys and ding repair in surf spots, but having your own on hand eliminates the scramble. A spare leash, equipment to stash your keys while you’re in the water, and most importantly a travel first aid kit. You never know if you may encounter a sea urchin, get cut on the reef or need a quick wound repair.
Part of the joy of surf travel is the preparation and anticipation. Checking reports and cameras of the area in which your traveling to, and attempting to bring what you need are all part of the process before paddling out and having fun.  Happy surfing!