Surfing Montauk with Debra Rose

Trash Talk

Debra Rose

In the peak of summer, we see our beaches, parking lot, and the line-up at maximum capacity.  We wait all year for it and know it is a fleeting ten or so weeks of madness before the fall settles the crowds down again.  While the line-up is jammed all year long, the debris we find on the beach is unfortunately keeping pace with the amount of people.  As beachgoers, surfers, and swimmers we can collectively take action to make our precious environment a bit cleaner.

Keeping spare trash bags on hand, in the car, with your surf gear are all ideal, as is taking a walk on the beach and picking up trash along the way.  Beach clean-ups are commendable, necessary, and ideally happen more often to sustain an acceptable level of cleanliness.  Daily we see garbage cans overflowing with rubbish, and the sand and water usually house the spare helium balloons, plastic, cans, and take-out containers. Not what you want to paddle through or sit near on the beach.

Over time the number of plastics and harmful chemicals kill sea-life, are toxic to humans and all creatures and pollute the ocean.  There are fresh calls for keeping dogs off the beach all-together because of the lack of clean up left behind.  While we can individually be mindful, more collective approaches are appearing to keep the environment pristine.

Relic baskets are stationed at local town and village beaches, as well as all over Long Island to serve as clean-up facilitators.  No longer do you have to figure out how to carry off that sandy balloon and crumpled beer can when you can throw it in your basket.  The basket serves as a cue and a reminder that it is all our responsibility to not litter and to clean up after ourselves.  It is the simplicity of grabbing a basket and talking a walk on a (even more, thanks to you) beautiful beach, and you will have contributed to the maintenance of a place we love.

So far Relic has almost fifty locations where you will find baskets (clean up stations) along Long Island at beach entrances, making it even easier to contribute to the cause of keeping our oceans and beaches spotless.