Spring Cleaning Our Souls


by Debra Rose

We roll into March, hopefully unscathed from the winter and it’s quiet, chilly grasp. Before we head into our next season, it’s a good time to do a little mental and physical spring cleaning. Has it really been three months since there was talk of New Year Resolutions? Are they still in existence? Late winter is a good reminder to be on our game as we get closer to the summer, using this time to assess the basics.

It’s the consensus that summer playtime takes a physical toll as much as it is physically beneficial. We are out in the sun, relaxed on the beach, surfing and socializing more. Parallel to healthy behaviors we are up later, sleeping less, possibly dehydrated, consuming more sugar and alcohol than usual.

Many people used the winter as a time to recharge, reset the healthy habits and maybe just hibernate. Along with spring cleaning, we can mentally and physically set our intentions for the summer. Building healthy habits now will lead to an easier transition to summer temptation. When you’re feeling good, it’s hard to look back, so start to incorporate what feels healthy, right now. A cleaner diet, more regular, adequate sleep, being mindful of your stress and exercise all help combat the rush of summer that inevitably strikes every Memorial Day. Wouldn’t it feel great to go into summer feeling refreshed and ready for the season?

At the very least, you will be up early to get the waves first, the best part of the day and possibly the best part of summer in Montauk.