South Edison

South Edison original creative menu

If you didn’t have an opportunity to dine at South Edison this season, fear not…they are still open. The menu may be reduced a bit for the off season, but the food is spot on. The fresh, lovely fall menu packed with local seafood and produce offers a variety of pasta, fish, and meat dishes, as well as the raw bar. In addition, there’s a Thursday Prix Fixe Dinner and all night Happy Hour, and Sunday Brunch and Dinner as well as all day football.

South Edison
South Edison

The open space casual restaurant and bar is just a few minutes’ walk from the Ocean or Town and is a perfect dining choice any time of year. On the evening of our dinner, we were greeted by the welcoming staff and sat in the upper dining area.

Each First Course sounded so good, from the Octopus Taco, to Carrot Clam Soup, to the Fall Salad loaded with seasonal treats. So, after speaking with our friendly waitress Suzanne, we decided to let Chef Frank choose a few of his favorites for us to try. His choices were perfect and quite eclectic. The Blistered Shishito Peppers accompanied by a fluffy Fresh Crema are always a treat. While the Heirloom Tomato Salad with a unique blend of flavors combines cantaloupe, sungold tomato, fava bean, dill, and a mild olive mousse resulting in a nice fresh alternative to traditional tomato salad. The Curry Aioli that’s served with the lightly coated and gently Fried Rock Shrimp with pickled ginger, had a clean spice that accented the natural shrimp flavor. Not your everyday BLT, the Spicy Tuna BLT Chalupa could be a meal in itself. Layered on top of a thick slice of Heirloom Tomato the Fresh Tuna is blended with a Curry Aioli and Crema, and sprinkled with crumbled smoky bacon then all wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. Such a unique and savory dish.

South Ed 8So that was just the beginning. For the Second Course Frank sent the Seared Rare Yellowfin Tuna and the dish I was eyeing, Hand Rolled Cavatelli.   Sliced and perched atop a hearty bed of harissa cauliflower puree, bulgar wheat, haricot vert, heirloom tomato, hearts of palm, and crispy capers, the Tuna was tender and perfectly seared with an olive oil with a kick.  The Cavatelli blended with graffiti eggplant and heirloom tomato and basil, is topped with whipped ricotta and grated Parmesan Reggiano. The Reggiano adds rich clean flavor, a little more character to the delicious veggie-pasta combo.  Apparently, a side of Street Corn was needed to round out our meal.  The honey grilled corn off the cob with lime aioli and cotija is served room temperature and bursting with flavor, it’s like candy!

South Ed 1Of course our meal wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of Chef Franks Sweet Creations. The Crème Brulee was served in a cute mini-pumpkin and was sprinkled atop the thin caramelized coating. As tasty as it was lovely to look at, the great balance of sweet and salty works perfectly for this amazing Chai flavored fall delight. If chocolate is your vice, the Oreo Sundae is just what you need. An Oreo with homemade cream filling and topped with rich chocolate and caramel sauce, and a scoop of ice cream makes this quite a satisfying sweet treat.

Chef/Partner Todd Mitgang developed the original creative menu for South Edison, while Executive Chef Frank Fuschetto continues to craft new dishes. Frank has performed as pastry chef at South Edison and this summer he proved he’s a hit with savories as well as sweets. When speaking with Chef Frank, he said he was formally trained in Manhattan but that he’s been cooking since he was a young boy; beginning in the kitchen with his Aunt as his mentor. Frank is professional, personable, and a pleasure to speak to. He mentioned that he takes both positive and negative criticism to help improve his craft, and after enjoying his creations, I’d have to say that his craft is impressive.

They’ll be open Thursday-Sunday for the fall and winter, for more information visit .