Singing in the Car to Golden Oldies

by Evelyn J. Mocbeichel

There is nothing more pleasant on a long car trip than to listen to your favorite music along the way. Luckily my husband and I like the same type of music and have a vast array of genres we both like to listen to, switching from songs of the decades to Broadway show tunes or movie musicals we’ve enjoyed over the years. By subscribing to a popular music service we can tune in to any decade we are in the mood to listen to on a particular day. And fortunately for me, when I sing along in my typical off key tone, never has a word been uttered by my dear spouse how terrible my voice is to listen to. What he is amazed at though is my memory and total recall about who the singer is on the radio and the tidbits I can offer about his or her other hits, who the singer married or any other celebrity “factoid” I recall.

On one of our car rides I tuned into the station that only played classics of the 1950’s. The radio host on this weekly program was none other than former teen idol Pat Boone, who fills the air time with interesting stories and background tidbits about the recording artist whose records he plays next. He will also share information about a popular song that was a number one hit, “going golden” that was first recorded by another singer, then sung by the person we eventually associate the song with as his or her version. Pat Boone explained to his audience, for some reason the second time around being recorded by another singer caught the radio listeners attention and record sales went through the proverbial roof. However, if the song was written by the first person that sang it, that person did end up receiving royalties from the fantastic sales that made it go golden or platinum. Mr. Boone explained.

What is a real tribute to these hundreds of these songs of that era is that they have stood the test of time and are beloved by the generation that heard them first and then by generations after them. Good music stands the test of time and continues to be listened to decades later. So get out your bobby socks, saddle shoes and put your hair up in a pony tail or pompadour and tune into your favorite oldies station and step back in time to enjoy the innocence of our youth!

See how many artists you can match with the song he or she made famous.

1. Where the Boys Are • 2. Old Cape Cod • 3. Crazy • 4. I’m Sorry • 5. April Love • 6. Wild One • 7. Walking in the Rain • 8. Oh Carol • 9. Chances Are • 10. Come on my house, my house come on

ANSWERS: 1. Connie Francis; 2, Patti Page; 3. Patsy Cline; 4. Brenda Lee; 5. Pat Boone;
6. Bobby Rydell; 7. Johnny Ray; 8. Neil Sedaka; 9. Johnny Mathis; 10. Rosemary Clooney.