POETRY CORNER with Lawrence Spiro

This poem is written in the ancient anaphora format. The word Goal is the subject of every line with a neat twist in the last eight lines. I believe goals are not the end all or what they are cracked up to be.

1   Goal breeds failure
2   Goal is a limit to potential
3   Goal starves ability
4   Goal nurtures disability
5   Goal gropes the impossible
6   Goal offers weak relief
7   Goal is a revisionist past point, viewed in the present, with no future
8   Goal is mined in space time and possibility
9   Goal is a dot on the horizon
10 Goal is one direction
11 Goal hides behind what, when, and where
12 Goal makes ceilings floors and walls
13 Goal is singular
14 Goal resides inside
15 Goal is ready set go stop
16 Goal is opaque
17 Goal needs light
18 Goal is inchoate in darkness
19 Goal reveals the obvious
20 Goal cloaks secrets
21 Goal is shallow to the deep
22 Goal has no instinct
23 Goal is selfish
24 Goal possesses no emotion
25 Goal has no sorrow
26 Goal chokes creation
27 Goal line is a myth
28 Go allow yourself freedom
29 Go along paths that exceed borders
30 Go all the way past the end that is not
31 Go always toward eternity
32 Go always toward the infinite
33 Go always in peace
34 Go also in bravery
35 Go all out

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