Poetry Corner with Lawrence Spiro

The following poem is a Sestina with an Envoi or Tornada. It is one of the oldest forms of poesy. The left side of this poem has 7 syllables per line but this is not a requirement. The Sestina delivers multiple looks at the relationship of ideas. This poem has as its theme: possession, health, emotion, intelligence spirit, and debt. “Rebus sic stantibus” is a final thought that means “as things stand”.
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Allotment is in measured possession.
Perception is the state of health.
Gut emanation drives emotion.
The base mechanism is intelligence.
The strain is beseeched by the spirit.
The cost of this struggle is debt.

Payment is in amortized debt.
Divine allocation allows possession.
Add nor subtract effect the spirit.
Connecting mind to frame is health.
Anticipation is base intelligence.
Indulgence is the path of emotion.

The body expresses in emotion.
Obligation is worth of debt.
Synthesis of degree is intelligence.
Tics of desire meter possession.
The vigor of life is in health.
Payment is vouchsafe by the spirit.

Peace is intrinsic to the spirit.
Cognition is expressed in emotion.
Heaven sets the marker of health.
Measured sin is the oil of debt.
The Eternal regulates possession.
Contrivation develops intelligence.

Execution of core is intelligence.
Fire and liquid show the spirit.
The seas, ground and shovel claim possession.
Dull or fervent feeling fuel emotion.
Nothing is the way to pay debt.
Erosion is basic to health.

Off the moment of sin is health.
Reflex to existence is intelligence.
Due, a non-transferable debt.
Humility strengthens the spirit.
Cataplexy struggles through emotion.
He issues all value of possession.

Intelligence dwells in the spirit.
Health relies on the state of emotion.
Redemption of debt forgive possession.

Rebus sic stantibus