Poetry Corner with Lawrence Spiro

This poem requires thought but don’t hold back in connection with our times.


The grandeur of imagery with lights reigning from the

To devastate the intricate divine creation of the one and another

The sun has less power than these mortal made mortars designed to

Rip the fabric of spiritual import.

The ground swells with the footsteps of antithesis

seeking the way of sensual essence of ideology.

Rip it past the divine mechanics of

Each miracle abbreviated to their core.


Theorgans pumping through theframe of thespirit

are split and split again.

Thesun moves over thesight without thought.


Then we look at the off colors of grey

and brown

and beige

and splashes of red mixed in the earth and the sun hides

from the execution of extricating theshell from thecore.

Intricacies expose

thedevine essence of majesty.

Tears colddrip blinding theview.

The body mechanics intuite a-priori

cognitive function blindly fisting the body mechanism

ripping  the a posteriore from the divine essence

leaving nothing.