Poetry Corner with Lawrence Spiro

People have different customs for a valediction. I have a friend who never says goodbye. He feels it is too permanent. Others say “see ya later,” when later is not determined and may never occur. Frequently used are: “good day,” “be well”,” take it easy”, “take it slow,” “farewell,” and “until then.” My mother had a great valediction she would say “when am I going to see you again?”

This poem has another way of expression; “So Long.” It adds an emotional reflection to departure. This poem was submitted by Frances Browner who is a writer of poetry and prose. The form of So Long Montauk, 1999 is a Halibun. It is a prose poem with an envoi haiku. I have written the Haiku in italics.

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A Haibun from Frances Browner

How am I going to leave this cottage, the crickets chirping, the white-tail deer roaming the yard, and the breeze upon Fort Pond? The red-roof motel in the distance, Crazy Golf, Harvest Restaurant. Upon waking, my bed bathing in orange sun. Or had I left the lights on? How will I pack my books and pottery? Curtains and cushions bought with hope? How will I leave this grubby green couch where Maria and Dessie smoked? The brown beauty board, the living-room my safe haven in winter. Patio doors opening onto the deck; purple hydrangea, trees bristling; the smooth green lawn leading down to the lake. Waters silver grey. Reeds sway. Ducks and swans glide by. I told the landlord I was going. Glanced at the pond, avoiding his eyes.

at the end of the season
doors are closing
like my heart