Poetry Corner with Larry Spiro

The following poems capture fall and winter.  I hope you  enjoy these poems written by Regina A. Sonaklare (written 3 weeks before she passed) as much as I do.  Any comments or poems contact me larryspiro@aol.com.

The Seasons
Regina A. Sonanklare

Each season speaks to me with awe
I revel in their beauty,
Forgive their flaws.

Now September is in the wings
Prophesy of cooler days
Flaunts its harvests
In symphony of colors
Trees laden with luscious fruit
Fields of pumpkins in various shades
In brilliant tones of gold
Charming young, old.

Though I know each day
A Precious gift
As the weeks, the months
Closer my destiny bring
I know forever somewhere
Children, birds will sing.



Autumns flaming sunsets have vanished into the abyss of time
Leaving their radiance in our memories.
Now the whirling dervish of nature
Proclaims winter’s hour in the sun.
Snow glistening, pristine, carpets rooftops, streets
Promising young and old, winter treats.
Short days, long nights, fireplaces aglow
Soft cozy blankets embracing with warmth
As outdoors the frigid winds blow.

Excitement of the holidays brimming with joy
Santa to enrapture every girl and boy
Families re-united, old hurts forgotten
Good wishes emanating with every voice.
Exhilaration of the New Year
An historic new president of our choice.
Beloved melodies, timeless season’s sons
In the home, in the streets all day long.

Unobserved, daylight begins to stretch
Sunsets once more getting bold
Suddenly man’s fickle nature
Dreams of spring, weary of the cold.