Poetry Corner: March 2023

Poetry by Larry Spiro

I wrote this poem several times over the last few years.  It is a meditation on the topic of   murder of the innocent.  Recently the count is so deep that I can no longer list the victims but the incidents.

Since the Monteray Park massacre there was another in Half Moon Bay, both in California.

Gun Violence Archive tracks the spread of what has been called an “American Disease” and which defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which at least four people-other than the shooter -are shot. (NBC News 1.24.2023).  This year, in 24 days, over 39 mass shootings have unfolded.

  In the twilight’s last gleam death is revealed.   by Lawrence Spiro

In the twilight’s last gleam death is revealed.

Shrouded in darkness the why is concealed.

There are no words written that can explain

or comfort those who mourn with grief, with pain.

Life is the result of cause and effect

and the actions of those free to select.

No manner of belief can touch this truth

Far beyond a guess a reason or proof

The purpose of darkness within twilight,

is known by One alone as day dims night.

Poetry for Meri by Don Intonato


If you find my sandal
left on the shore,
don’t look for me
on the distant waves,

no wafting helicopters
over the grey ocean,
no red twirling lights,
police cars at Ditch.

The truth is,
I couldn’t remember
your names anymore
and the nurse
was getting on my nerves.

Big moon night,
one last dive into the breakers
off the rock jetty.

If I’m lucky
the sharks don’t
make a meal of me.

And I am drifting
in the gulf stream,
carried in shoals
of green and golden fish
up to Iceland.

Some quiet afternoon
after the summer ends,
if you want to find me,
look upstairs
in the top right drawer
of my desk.

Find the notebooks
with a thousand poems.

I am there waiting for you.