with Lawrence

This poem is titled Solipsistic. Solipsisticism is the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist. The form of this poem is Terza Rima (aba,bcb,cdc… and 10 syllables per line). I added an envoi at the end of the poem. This form was used by poets such as Dante in Inferno, and Frost in Acquainted with the Night.

(Lawrence Spiro)

nothing is unless I will it to be
the hard stiff still holds firm until I say
it is amorphous dust except for me

tyrants power and slaves work cease today
ghosts poke Icey fingers freezing slipping
direct through walls my vision rip and play

I command the specular light dripping
the sun is black because I see it so
the heat is cold to memories clinging

there is no more or less than what I know
sin is mine to define decline declare
I laugh and heave carelessly as I go

shawled in blare and silence I am aware
a dull dunce prophet pathetic and free
it is only here there or where I stare

neither good nor bad have weight or degree
nothing is unless I will it to be

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