Montauk’s Own

Leif Engstrom is off to a great 2014 and is making a real living surfing! Leif has returned from spending the winter surfing in several locations and has brought a new model, attitude, and style to his caree1: This new approach has landed the local talent 4 new sponsors and 2 more to come which will be announced by July lOth; all in this first half of 2014.!

Leif’s new model in 2014 is explained simply by a different attitude, hard work and focus! The surfing has been the natural part to Leif, and the place where he is most comfortable. Leifs new agent explained to him the importance of taking the skills he has worked on his entire life in the water surfing, and to apply them to get the attention he has deserved for years in the surfing community. This has happened faster then Leif could have imagined. Leif is someone you just immediately enjoy being around and his positive energy and humble attitude has jumped started his 2014 campaign.

Leif had the luxury of growing up with the most talented surfing friends on the East coast. These friends have been together since the beginning and have pushed each other to new levels. Jess Joeckel, is the owner of in Montauk , and best friend of Leif. Together they are a fantastic example of two tal­ents pushing each other! Leif and Jesse have been able to collaborate and help each other move forward in the real world by using surfing and Jesse’s brand Whale­ bone to get results. The constant interaction between Leif and Jesse is amazing to watch and is a real tribute to both of them sticking together in life.

When you try and ask Leif about Leif he doesn’t like to tell you much, he would rather talk about anything else but himself. So you tum to others who know him best and have grown with him. Tyler McGuire, Montauk local wate1man and life long friend of Leif s puts it simply… “When we were growing up all of us were progress­ing as surfers everyday, month and yea1; and then there was Leif. When we all got to 13-14 years old Leif just saw things differently, in a wave and where he saw himself on the wave or in the sai1: That’s when he started to do things that were on the next level and everyday was something new with Leif’

The summer has begun and Leif has already put together a fantastic 2014 resume. The campaign began this year when he signed a 2 year deal with Montaukcole­ Real Estate . This contract has given Leif and the ability to cross-market in a completely different way that has not been done before. A relationship that has already grown into other sectors and has lead to business surf hps with more to come in 2014 and 2015. He has also signed contracts with Greenlines, a family brand shorts company now located on main street in Montauk ( Leif has also now moved into the technology sector with signing a sponsorship with “The Quiver”, which is owned by an east end resident Rob Bonvetti, has the ability to connect with the surfing community all over the world and will sh011ly be launching the tech app. Visit @thequiver on instagram or see them on facebook and watch this company expand with Leif!

The story of Leif Engstrom, is growing by the day, and Leif will proudly and properly be announcing some new sponsors this coming month. Leif has also recently been seen on the cover of Eastern Surf Magazine, Montauk Sun , East Hampton Sta1; and is soon to be in some world wide publications. Local photographe1; Justin Burkle, will be following Leif throughout this two year campaign and be catching all these events to share with everyone. Justin Burkle, owner of 41DegreesNorth ( has also joined forces with Leif and his sponsors to make Leifs campaign the best possible!

Montauk and the East-end has a real talent in Leif Engstrom, he is not somebody that is going to be overlooked in the surfing community. Look for Leif to be making many showings this summer, not just in the ocean doing Airs, but at local events and charities , magazines, newspapers and possible acting pa1is in movies.! Stay tuned to the ” Leif ‘ campaign and supp011Montauk’s own Leif Engstrom, he is worth it!!