Montauk Music Festival #7

Each year as the last week before the festival approaches Kenny says- “We aren’t doing this next year!”  Then the weekend comes and everything falls into place, people are smiling, and we enjoy running all over town meeting talented artists and excited audiences. As we see the results of all of our months of organization, planning and yes a little aggravation… well, once again, I guess we’ll be going for #8!!!

As in the past years, year seven saw so many fun, talented artists performing their original songs for appreciative fans of great music. Ranging from rock to country with everything in between- there was something for everyone. Each year as we are sorting through the thousands of applicants along with some of our favorites who want to return, the talent is overwhelming.

A first for the festival happened on Saturday on the Green: Jay Schod of the band Remember September interrupted his set to propose to his girlfriend Maia Mysliweic! Lucky for him she said yes in front of hundreds of people who exploded into applause. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

On Sunday we had the pleasure of hearing Michael Wind sing on the green. He was part of the Autism walk that comes through Montauk each May. Michael has journeyed through his early childhood years being non-verbal and plagued with many of the typical sound and tactile hypersensitivity common to those with Autism. He is the result of intense early intervention, therapies and special education. His talent and love of performing has served him by providing social interaction and serves the community as he volunteers to perform and support Autism fundraisers through the year. He sang Frank Sinatra in a way that would have made Frank proud! It was an honor to have him with us.

The weather was amazing- even with the Saturday clouds and a little early drizzle Sunday, the turnout all around town and at the green both days was better than ever. Next to the big white tent, the green was buzzing with music, food, drink, hula hoops, Henna, and of course families and friends lounging on chairs and blankets relaxing and enjoying both afternoons.

Kenny and I appreciate all of the help from our friends and family as well as the rest of our staff. None of this would be possible without them and our talented sound man Tarik Solangi, along with Chris Pfund, James Ryan, and Ray Carossa.

We’ve come a long way; seven years ago for the 1st festival, the weekend before Memorial Day was very quiet with many of the hotels still closed or prepping for the season. Not any longer! Now they are all open and ready for a crowd.  As we have for the past seven years, we truly enjoy bringing these talented performers to our town and allowing them to showcase their passion. Each musician appreciates the warm reception they receive and relish in all that our amazing town has to offer. The musicians from Montauk or the tri-state, to everywhere…. who come and share themselves just want to be heard and enjoyed. We certainly enjoyed all that we were fortunate enough to hear. We hope that you did too!

Until next year- Sue Giustino