Montauk Fire Department Corner: October 2022

Welcome to this month’s edition of Montauk Fire Department Corner. We trust that everyone has gotten through a very nice, busy summer. As usual after a hectic busy season we are all looking forward to a quieter fall.

The Montauk Fire Department had its annual recruitment drive through the summer culminating with an informational meeting on Thursday, September 15th at the fire house.

Approximately twenty interested people attended to gather information regarding the Montauk Fire Department and what it means to volunteer for our community. They were greeted by a panel of firefighters and emergency medical technicians who were eager to share their personal experiences in the MFD, and pertinent practical information of what it means to begin as a new candidate with the Department. Fire Chief Scott Snow, First Assistant Chief Ken Glogg, and Second Assistant Chief Peter Joyce, Jr. led the panel that was comprised of a full range of personnel, representing all the facets of the Montauk Fire Department. Approximately one dozen applications were received that night, and the background check process started. We thank all who attended this meeting and look forward to working with the new candidates.

On Saturday, September 17th members and apparatus of the Montauk Fire Department participated in East Hampton High School’s homecoming day parade in East Hampton. This annual tradition is always a lot of fun culminating in a football game under the lights at EHHS. This year East Hampton High School came out on the short end to Rocky Point High School, but we wish the Bonackers luck throughout the rest of the season.

Since 1983, the Montauk Fire Department’s Big Bucks Bonanza has given away 1,641 prizes close to $5,000,000.00 in prize money. Sunday, September 18th was this year’s big drawing and feast at the fire house. Music was provided by local band “The Realm”, and the vast amounts of food and drink were served by Montauk’s own fire department personnel. Please enjoy the photos of the fun here. Proceeds from the Bonanza go to the Montauk Fire Department’s annual Scholarship Fund. Each year the department awards four 4-year scholarships to deserving students from Montauk. Each scholarship is in memory of a Montauk fireman who worked at the Montauk Public School: Don Truesdale (Custodian), Hank Zebrowski (Athletic Director), John Mulligan (Custodian) and Skip Cannon (Crossing Guard). The following is a list of the $5,000.00 and above winners:


$10,000: GARY & JOAN REMPE


$20,000: JOE & JUDY O’SHEA


$50,000: KEN YARDLY


Congratulations to all the Big Bucks winners, and a special thank you to Fireman Ed Eurell who is the chairman of this event and has always done a fantastic job.

That’s it for this month’s edition of Montauk Fire Department Corner. See you next month with more information surrounding the MFD.